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Version 4.x.66.0 (07/03/2008) of the Exporter supports:-
  • Mesh Vertices
  • Mesh Faces
  • MMesh Normals (optimized list)  - supports custom normals
  • Vertex Colours - if they are set in 3DS Max
  • Mesh Material List - Global and inline
  • Materials (uses [Standard] max diffuse map as DX texture map)
  • Mesh Texture Coordinates - multi uv sets using FVFData (upto 8 channels)
  • Material Textures - bitmap conversions to .bmp, .jpg, .png and .tga! and scaling to nearest power of 2
  • Text/Binary Mode/Compressed X file
  • XX File Frames - with full hierarchy
  • Animation - Named Animation sets
  • Skinning using Character Studio Physique and Max Bones/Skinning (Not Biped)
  • Left handed axis conversion (DirectX and XNA .x content pipeline)